ISIS Declares Rape Condoned by the Koran

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In case there wasn’t enough reason to consider ISIS to be a plague on humanity, there is now another reason for condemnation!  ISIS declares that the Koran, its holy book, not only allows, but encourages rape.  Perhaps rape is an insignificant attack, given the outrageous and brutal killings that have been reported.

Remember the Decapitating of American journalist James Foley and Steven Sotloff.  Remember the burning of caged Jordanian pilot.  Another person was killed on film by detonating ropes of explosives around his neck.  Yet another victim was caged and lowered into a swimming pool.

Women are viewed as property.  ISIS men pay for women, rape them, and when they decide its time, they kill them.  It is a “theology of rape”.  This is the coverage that is repulsive.  It depicts women being covered from head to toe in anticpation of “slave-market day.”

When the women are deemed “infidels” they are stripped naked be sold to their masters.

There was the hostage Kayla Mueller who was repeatedly raped by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi multiple times before her death.

kayla mueller

There is  a difference between killing soldiers in war, and slavery of women as part of daily life.  Both are crimes against humanity.  However the difference in my mind is that when war is over the remaining soldiers go home.  The women who are enslaved continue to be enslaved.


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