Every Woman Should Trust, But Verify


One of Ronald Reagan’s most famous quotes was:


In the book scheduled to make it’s debut this week on Kindle, Evolution of the Feminine Mystique: Searching for Happily Ever After, 


an entire chapter is devoted to “Responsibility.”  The message is clear.  Women can’t afford to blame someone else for our misfortune. Men may have taken advantage of us, but ultimately we are the ones who made it possible for them to take advantage.  It does us no good to complain that we have been victimized.  We have.  But we still are the ones suffering.  Nobody will help us if we don’t first help ourselves.

An article in Huffington Post highlights a tragic situation of a woman who was deceived by her husband.      After depleting all the financial resources of the couple, he left her.  Obviously it was not her fault that her husband was such a thief and a fraud.  Clearly women across the country can relate to being in a relationship where the man abuses or takes advantage of the woman.  However it is because we are all aware of the frequency of women being victimized that every woman must take responsibility to trust, but verify.  The woman in this story shared her lesson with all women.  She said:

 I’ve come to realize that there is a difference between trust and complacency. I seek

      evidence to back up claims and I don’t take someone’s word quite so easily anymore. I    

      have put fraud alert on my life. Additionally, I learned how strong I can be. I had two fears

      in life:  losing my husband and losing my financial security. Three years ago, I faced them

       both and lived to tell the tale. I’m just looking forward to the day when I am no longer

       paying for  those lessons.”



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