Black Women Pay the Price

black prison

NBC News features a story about the incredible financial burden placed on Black women as a result of the incarceration of a family member.  A  recent study has shown that:

  • Family members of the incarcerated are bogged down by fines and debt. Of the 63 percent of family members who were solely responsible for an inmate’s court costs associated with conviction, 83 percent of them were women.
  • Incarceration damages familial relationships due to the high cost of maintaining contact: 1 in 3 of the surveyed families is in debt because of the visits and phone calls.
  • 1 in 2 family members experienced negative mental and physical health impacts, including PTSD and depression. These impacts hit women of color and their families hardest.
  • Incarceration in poverty stricken neighborhoods perpetuates cycles of trauma and poverty that keep families and communities from thriving.

These women are not the criminals, but victims.

black woman


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