Stay at Home Moms Account for Only 26% of Two-Parent Households

A new study is out from Pew research regarding women in the work-place.  One of the more revealing facts is that in 1970, in two parent households 31% had both parents working full time. Today 46% of two-parent household have both parents working full time.

Conversely, in 1970 46% of two-parent households had a father that worked full time, and the mother stayed at home.  Now only 26% of two-parent households have a stay at home mom.

But even in households where both parents work full time, many say a large share of the day-to-day parenting responsibilities falls to mothers.More than half of two-parent homes reported that the mother still does more managing of the children’t schedules and activities.  With regard to other parenting responsibilities such as caring for sick children, supervising chores of children, disciplining children,and playing with children, if one parent usually does the lion’s share of parenting, it is still the mother who typically bears the burden.


The real question is “Has mom found her Happily Ever After?”




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