Discrimination Against Women in Japan Persists

japaneese women

Some women in Japan during the war were drafted by the Japanese government to sexually service military men.  These women were known as “comfort women” and they worked in an assembly-line-like environment.  Soldiers referred to these women as “semen toilets.”

Things in Japan seem to be only slightly better for women.  In 2003 the prime minister identified a goal for 2020 of having 30% of the leadership roles in Japanese companies to be women.  The unrealistic goal has now been acknowledged.  The goal for five years from now has been adjusted from 30% to 7% by 2021.

The Japanese government has been totally unsuccessful in inspiring companies to promote women to senior jobs.  In April of 2014 the Japanese government promised to pay firms to promote women.  Over a year later, in September of 2015 not one company had taken advantage of this generous offer.  The reality is that only 3.1% of board seats among Japan’s 30 largest companies are held by women.


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