Male Birth Control Pills Coming!

old lady laughing

A recent article reveals that scientists are very close to formulating a male birth control pill.  The implications for society are profound!  When the birth control pill was developed for women, it created an unprecedented opportunity for women to pursue professional success,and postpone children.  For the first time, women were able to control when and if they would have children.

For a period of time many health care providers did not cover the cost of birth control pills for women.  That was particularly troubling because erectile dysfunction medications were covered.  The rationale was that Viagra was considered necessary to treat a “medical condition” and birth control pills were considered to be a “life style choice.”  However that distinction has essentially disappeared with the passage of nationalized health care.

Because Republicans like Ted Cruz continue to advocate repeal of nationalized health care,  women must remain vigilant about the importance of insurance coverage for birth control pills. As Sandra Fluke testified, birth control pills are often prescribed to treat medical conditions.

As soon as the male birth control pills are available, the playing field will be even.  No longer can men suggest that it is the woman’s responsibility to be concerned with birth control.  No longer will only women need to gain approval from their insurance companies for birth control.  Without doubt, as soon as men want these pills covered, they will be universally covered by all insurance companies.


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